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The urge to purge

‘Ooh, don’t you feel better after a good clear-out?’ my mother Zelma would ask, rhetorically, after leaning on me heavily…

Repeat offender

I was just as impatient with my late husband… I’m a repeat offender

Well worried: everyone I know has a cough… they’re all barking

I even thought about applying Vicks Vaporub to the paws of my dog, who’s been coughing for five months

My nail-bar nightmare

I just needed some flashy fingers for my new sitcom. I got more than I bargained for

At your convenience

Hotel based disorientation, two-way mirrors, and the slow evolution of our loo lives.

Migraine mysteries

Since I relinquished my Sunday-night Chinese takeaway — with emphasis on the seaweed starter and crispy duck pancakes — I can honestly…

Banished from Nod

My morning conversation with my partner routinely begins: ‘Did you sleep?’ In response, by phone, by text or at close…

Stepping out

I seem to have developed a propensity for falling over. Sometimes it is dramatic, as it was on stage the…

Mind games

Addressing an audience at the Second Half of Your Life Centre recently, I described myself as a 67-year-old (77 if…