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The best of biotech

Young British entrepreneurs are changing the world with inventions that boost health and save money

Fast-track to fitness: do fasting diets really work?

Regimes like the 5-2 can help shed pounds – but can they help with infertility, diabetes, ageing, arthritis and even cancer?

Nine ways to fix your feet

To avoid pain, take appropriate steps, says Victoria Lambert

Know yourself better

New gadgets — so-called wearables — are mapping our every waking move, helping us to track everything from calories to…

Should you take the prostate test?

You probably know your blood pressure numbers, have a fair idea of your weight, perhaps even your waistline, but —…

The table’s groaning, and so are you

  Mouth  Problem Toothache/cracked crowns/chipped teeth  What’s happening? Our teeth are under stress at Christmas, says Dr Nigel Carter, chief…

The vitamins your doctor takes

Whether you think supplementing your diet by taking additional vitamins, minerals and super-nutrients is common sense or money flushed away,…

A world of choice

When you’re feeling a bit below par there’s nothing nicer than being tucked up at home, comfort foods and favourite…