Soon, dementia homes will be full of old people. Visiting their parents

‘How can we ensure that ageing societies are more prosperous societies?’ That’s the question posed by the latest Charles Street…

For depression, omega-3 supplements are likely to be a waste of time

There is insufficient evidence that omega-3 fatty acid supplements are effective in treating major depressive disorders, according to new research.…

Want to do well at work? Find a job you feel invested in

Workers who feel an emotional attachment to their jobs are more psychologically healthy, according to a study published in the…

We are becoming a dementia nation

For years, the signs have not been promising. But there may be the beginnings of hope

Dispatching dementia

Scientists are finally making breakthroughs in the search for a cure.

Alas, poor Yorick. And spare a thought for the rest of us

The art of dying well

Do we want to live as long as modern medicine allows us, or only so long as life is sweet? By Margaret McCartney

Healthier ways to fly

Long-haul can take a toll on us all. But there are things you can do

Unhealthy attitude

Workplace stress can prove lethal

Past research has shown that stress can increase the risk of health problems like heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease,…

My nail-bar nightmare

I just needed some flashy fingers for my new sitcom. I got more than I bargained for

Wi-Fi and the scare that won’t die

Very probably not, says Tom Chivers, but the symptoms of people who believe that it is are perfectly real

Dropping off after lunch is good for you

Apparently the siesta — so beloved on the Continent — might actually be good for you. New research has found…

Placebo pills: safe only insofar as they contain no active substance

A little goes a long way, that’s if it works at all

Homeopathy divides people into those who are credulous enough to believe in it and everyone else, says Professor Edzard Ernst

Over-eating food that is high in fat ‘may cause anxiety and depression’

Over-eating foods that are high in fat could be a cause of anxiety and depression, a study has suggested. The…

Belief in your own willpower is likely to make you happier

A study published in the Journal of Personality has found that people who have more faith in their own willpower…

Don’t blame smartphones for young people feeling depressed. The problem goes deeper

At a student bar a few weeks ago, a friend told me they’d been struggling with depression for some time.…

Is screen time wrecking family life? To my shame I know the answer

Every now and then, amid the blizzard of health reports that bombard us on a seemingly hourly basis, one strikes…

The joy of being a hypochondriac

My name is Constance and I am a hypochondriac. I always have been and I always will be — until…