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Could cancer break the NHS?

It’s an experience shared by nearly two million Britons a year. You find an unexpected lump, or a mole that…


Can opera heal you?

It’s soothing and calming and artist Joshua Sofaer believes opera can also help boost health and wellbeing. Jackie McGlone reports for Benenden

How to eat for a healthy heart

Did you know that almost one in six men and one in ten women in the UK will die from coronary heart disease? So why not make 2017 the year that you take care of your heart’s health?

Go offline and take back control

Think you spend too much time online? You’re not alone, as 59 per cent of us admit we’re ‘hooked’ on our devices, with the average Briton now spending 25 hours a week on the internet, says a report by Ofcom. But what effect is it having on our health, asks Amy Abrahams for Benenden

big five

Guys, it’s time to tackle the big five

In the UK, men are far more likely than women to die young – 40 per cent of males die…

new year

6 health hacks to start the new year

More than 90 per cent of our New Year’s resolutions will be broken. So what’s the answer if you want to be healthier in 2017?

Keep calm, enjoy Christmas

It’s that time of year, when the whole world seems to be on countdown to the festive season. With jingle bells ringing in your ears at…

Can businesses help us to be more healthy?

In recent years the government has looked to industry to help it deliver on public health initiatives. This is particularly…

Ten calorie-trimming tips for Christmas

Cut back on the calories but not the taste with our 10 easy food swaps this Christmas. By nutritionist Angela Dowden for Benenden

Eight clever ways to avoid stress

Take these simple steps to ease the pressure, says Fiona Jerome for Benenden

yoga or pilates

Pilates vs yoga: which is better for you?

When you want to shake up your fitness regime and do something bendy, should you pick Pilates or yoga? Health and fitness writer Amy Abrahams gives a balanced view for Benenden

Cyclist’s bum and four other modern health problems

We are healthier and living longer than ever before. But 21st-century lifestyles bring their own perils, finds Dr Stuart Farrimond

Six ways to avoid bugs this winter

It can sometimes feel that you’re surrounded by sniffs and coughs, so how can you avoid catching all the bugs that are going around? By Siân Phillips for Benenden

Is that stuff on the inside of drink cans doing us all harm?

It’s called BPA and though there’s no hard evidence against it, lots of people are worried

Health campaigners slam government’s child obesity report

It’s nowhere near tough enough and has been watered down by the food industry, they claim

Perk up your day at the Death Café

Everything is better with cake – even a frank discussion about your own demise

Jamie Murray talks doubles victories and his delight at being an uncle

Taking up tennis was ‘inevitable’ — and he and younger brother Andy were always competitive

Will it take a tax break to make you eat your five-a-day?

It’s one of the more radical solutions proposed as the cost of caring for the obese soars even higher