Compound in giant radish prevents heart disease

Compounds found in the Sakurajima Daikon, or ‘monster radish’ could help protect coronary blood vessels and potentially prevent heart disease and stroke, according to a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The finding could lead to the discovery of similar substances in other vegetables and perhaps lead to new drug treatments.

Grown for centuries in Japan, the Sakurajima Daikon is one of the Earth’s most massive vegetables. In 2003, the Guinness Book of World Records certified a Sakurajima weighing nearly 69 pounds as the world’s heaviest radish. Radishes are good sources of antioxidants and reportedly can reduce high blood pressure and the threat of clots, a pair of risk factors for heart attack and stroke.

To date, no studies have directly compared the heart-health benefits of the Sakurajima Daikon to other radishes.To address this knowledge gap, Katsuko Kajiya and colleagues sought to find out what effects this radish would have on nitric oxide production, a key regulator of coronary blood vessel function, and to determine its underlying mechanisms.

The researchers exposed human and pig vascular endothelial cells to extracts from Sakurajima Daikon and smaller radishes. Using fluorescence microscopy and other analytical techniques, the research team found the Sakurajima Daikon radish induced more nitric oxide production in these vascular cells than a smaller Japanese radish. They also identified trigonelline, a plant hormone, as the active component in Sakurajima Daikon that appears to promote a cascade of changes in coronary blood vessels resulting improved nitric oxide production.

  • David Lyness

    This article is amazingly poor journalism. My gosh. Compare the headline with the last paragraph of the article. The headline is hyperbole. Big disconnect between the actual study and the journalist’s ridiculous headline. It’s an in vitro analysis. Not a human intervention/random controlled trial. Observations from a petri dish, that’s all they did here.

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