Editor’s letter

Welcome to this, the fourth edition of Spectator Health. In this issue our cover piece is by Derek Yach, defending e-cigarettes. Dr Yach has been a Professor of Global Health at Yale University, and executive director at the World Health Organisation. E-cigarettes have caused considerable debate within the medical community and have very much polarised opinion. Dr Yach provides a solid, reasoned case for why — despite all the scare stories you might read about them in the press — they should be welcomed as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Also in this issue we have a world authority on eating disorders, Dr Eric Johnson-Sabine, giving his expert view on this group of conditions. With the help of the charity Prostate UK, Victoria Lambert has written an in-depth guide to prostate screening. We also have Dr Carol Cooper writing about pulmonary circulation and Dr Laura Corr, a consultant cardiologist, has a guide to how to eat your way to low cholesterol. We’ve also got Lord Coe writing about the legacy of the Olympic Games, while geriatrician Dr Trisha Macnair gives her advice on choosing a nursing home for yourself or loved ones.

And of course we have all our usual columnists, including Tom Chivers, Theodore Dalrymple, Christine Webber and David Delvin, Ian Marber and Maureen Lipman.

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