Noel Edmonds thinks his odd machine cures cancer. This is old mumbo-jumbo

Noel Edmonds has been all over the UK media in the last few days — not because of his quiz show, but because he thoughtlessly ventured into the realm of alternative medicine. It seems he has long been a fan of an odd little machine called the ‘EMPpad’. He got carried away and tweeted: ‘A simple box that slows ageing, reduces pain, lifts depression and stress and tackles cancer. Yep tackles cancer!’ (The manufacturers of the box quickly covered their backs, stating: ‘The opinions of Mr Noel Edmonds are his alone and do not reflect in any way the opinions of us at EMPpad. We had no discussion, input or prior knowledge of the content of Mr Edmonds’ statement and we do not agree with it in any way, shape or form’).

Has Mr Edmonds lost his marbles? Is he hallucinating? Far from it! He has merely made the mistake of believing the mumbo-jumbo that some alternative practitioners have been spouting for decades.

The device is one of many known to connoisseurs of quackery as bioresonance machines. Bioresonance? Sounds scientific! Yes, the name is meant to impress the gullible. Even in the realm of alternative medicine, it is hard to find an area where more pseudo-scientific language is used for confusing the public. But the idea is neither innovative nor scientific. In fact, it is not even very original; the Germans have been using it for ages.

Bioresonance therapy was invented about 40 years ago by the Germans Franz Morell and Erich Rasche. Initially they marketed it as ‘MORA therapy’ (MOrell + RAsche). The concept of bioresonance is that the machine’s electromagnetic waves create a resonance in our body’s cells which, in turn, brings about the desired effects. The device seems to be modelled on the E-meter used by Scientologists and chiropractors, which the bioresonance creators sought to improve. Franz Morell, it has been reported, had links with Scientology; it would be interesting to know whether this is also true for Noel Edmonds.

The proponents of bioresonance are keen to advertise what they believe is the huge potential of their machines: not only can they accurately detect a wide variety of conditions, they can even treat them. No drugs, no side effects, no worries! And all that simply by stimulating a change of ‘resonance’ in the cells, and reversing the abnormality caused by the disease.

There is just one little snag: none of this is true.

The claims made for bioresonance fly in the face of science. In other words, the plausibility of the whole thing is close to zero. To which the bioresonance fans, of course, say that scientists do not know everything; science is not yet quite advanced enough to explain their ground-breaking innovations; one day soon the explanations will be found in quantum mechanics, etc — the usual spiel.

They seem to forget that any scientific explanation for any effect is entirely unnecessary. Why? For the simple reason that there is no effect. There is absolutely no proof that bioresonance affects our body in any meaningful way, and there certainly is no evidence that any condition, disease or symptom can be diagnosed or cured with it.

It may do nothing to the body, but it surely does a lot to your wallet. The EMPpad apparently costs £2,315. And there is an even more important downside: if you believe the enthusiasts and think that bioresonance cures your cancer, you are likely to forfeit conventional treatments — and that, as sure as hell, would hasten your demise.

Back to poor old Noel Edmonds. Poor? No, not exactly. If he can afford an EMPpad, he must be quite well off. But he is clearly ignorant in matters about health. His tweet was daft and the whole thing should really be too trivial for words.

But sadly it isn’t. Whenever celebs open their mouths about this or that alternative treatment – and, by Jove, they do this often — the impact is significant. We live in a world where the word of a VIP seems to count more than that of an expert. This is sad, depressing and lamentable. But it is not the fault of the celebs. It is clearly our own mistake, and it is high time that we correct it.

The next time a quiz master, film star, pop musician or Royal comes out with an obvious triviality about health, we ought to do just two simple things: first we should laugh at them a bit, and then we must ignore them.

Edzard Ernst, emeritus professor at the University of Exeter, is the author of A Scientist in Wonderland and the awardee of the John Maddox Prize 2015 for standing up for science. He blogs at

  • Social Media Guru

    Professor Edzard Ernst’s whole career is based upon bashing alternative-integrative medicine. He was also forced to step down as professor from Exeter University since everyone now realizes that he is an “AUTHENTIC” quack! He then blamed his demise on Prince Charles!! This idiot spreads disinformation on various sciences that he cannot understand..

    • Mike Warren

      Instead of posting an ad hominem attack on Professor Ernst why don’t you address the substance of the article?

    • Acleron

      Not one sentence of your comment is correct.

      Edmond’s box is a fraud as is the whole of bioresonance quackery.

      • Social Media Guru

        You are not going to find any clinical studies involving bioresonance from USA or much of Europe
        due to fact that medical system research is primarily based upon pharmaceutical interests. And why would they bother since any system that threatens medical corporate interests and their shareholders are to be crushed at any cost. And why you see paid trolls on here such as Alan.

        Good chance Alan is not even real.. more than likely he is just some bot with its own algorithm..!!

        Fortunately enough, Russian medical research is not as controlled by pharma corps compared to the USA and much of Europe. I did happen to find several interesting clinical studies from Russia involving bioresonance, although not the same system in this article, but is the same technology:

        And the following youtube link to Royal rife’s discoveries that were crushed by the AMA:

        Its sad that we could of used this device for past 60+ years and saved countless lives instead of relying on a system that creates more death, disease and suffering..

        • Ooooh! ‘Suppressed medical knowledge’. On youtube. For over five years. Available worldwide. With over 40,000 views…

          • Social Media Guru

            What ever you say eddie..

          • LOL!

          • Mike Warren

            Well at least Social Media Guru has established that his magic magnetic box doesn’t cure paranoia and stupidity.

        • Acleron

          First reference is an unpublished claim so has as much validity as the claim of an ex disk jockey.

          Second reference is a conspiracy theorist, is this your evidence?

          Not even slightly thought stirring.

          • Social Media Guru

            Considering that the youtube interview is over 2 hours long and your reply along with Alan the troll only took 30 minutes, I take that you both just read the title and made your assumptions on how many views.. There are lots of other RIFE videos but you are just doing what you are paid to do.

          • I’ve seen it before…

            But yet again, there’s another nasty and unevidenced allegation…

          • Acleron

            First reference took 30 secs establish as worthless. Second ref took 5 mins and three fallacies had been uttered. Two hours of listening to obvious Bos Excrementum wasn’t going to improve matters.

            So no evidence but you are obviously into the conspiracy market, they must love you, or more likely, your wallet.

    • Do you believe the box does what is claimed for it?

      • Social Media Guru

        Yes, I purchased the bioresonance system a few years back after doing research on the life and
        times of “Royal Rife”. I can attest to the efficacy of this device since it has helped me deal with infections without the use of antibiotics.

        Mike, here are a few links of substance with excellent comments:

        Excellent debate:

        Now please show me Prof. Ernst’s clinical studies that disprove the efficacy of bioresonance.. or does his statements make him correct without doing any research on various subjects?

        It’s no wonder he got his department closed down and arse punted off the university. He is nothing more than a total fraud who yells that everyone else are frauds.. go figure.. the guy is mentally ill IMO.

        • LOL! You mean you did a bit of searching on the Internet… and you found the Daily Mail and John Benneth’s websites? Wow!

          But it does seem you know little about research and evidence or, indeed, Prof Ernst: you get your facts wrong, defame him and diagnose him to have a mental illness…

          • Social Media Guru

            Defame him? Try expose him. Every study that he ever submitted into journals were negative with no substance of clinical research to support his views.

            His life’s work is similar to the whackjob, stephen barrett of quackwatch, another mentally ill failed MD.

            Ernst is only supportive to drug companies which he is associated with. How do you think he now gets his funding since his arse got punted from Exeter? LOL!

            Ernst only spews hate and disinformation on his blog site and when you try to debate him on any of his blogs, he will not respond. He is a weak little man bent on revenge.

            To waste a life defaming anything other than conventional medicine whose main approach to health includes magic pills, invasive surgery, toxic levels of radiation and poisonous chemo that results in killing more than 250,000 people a year, is indeed a mental illness..

          • Hilarious! If only you could provide good evidence for your nasty allegations…

            To make it easier for you, please them one at a time.

          • Social Media Guru

            I have done my research, now do yours.. and soon enough, you shall figure out what the Ernst agenda is truly about. His main focus is ridicule, suppression, damaging and denying anything of value regarding any type of alternative healing or therapy. BUT.. he has never criticized any mainstream, conventional medicine approaches that have damaged or killed thousands of people.. Ernst only feeds upon his endless criticisms for ANY topics that he has no clue about which may be highly beneficial to human health or lead people to more truth. And that = mentally ill sociopathic tendencies. He has very similar tendencies comparable to politicians. lol

          • If you can’t provide the evidence to substantiate any of your nasty allegations, please just say so. There’s no shame in admitting it…

          • Social Media Guru

            Shame? You are the epitome of shame. I did happen to find several articles about your internet trolling such as:

            Man, you seem to be everywhere spewing disinformation. Does that pay well? What a noble career you have… mom must be proud eh..

            Do you also have late night dinners with Ernst and trade backrubs as well or does he pay you in hard cold cash?

            Look bud, you are nothing more that some infamous internet troll and one sick sociopathic loser.

            DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS FOLKS!! Google this trolls name just see how messed up he truly is.

          • Social Media Guru

            Interestingly, when you google this trolls name, check out the bottom of the google page and you will find the statement “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.”

            This basically means this troll is using the “Right to be forgotten” act which is now law in Europe and mainly used to hide damaging content about themselves.

          • Looks like we need to add ‘does not understand European privacy law or Google’s response to it’ to the ever-growing list.

          • Well, you can try to change the subject if you like, but please still consider backing up your nasty allegations – including the ones you’ve just added to your list.

    • lolexplosm

      Opening with an ad hominem is always a winning move. This box has been derided by practically everyone so it seems to me that you have an axe to grind.

      • Social Media Guru

        funny, your statement is ironic in that it is Ernst who has the axe to grind!! I just find him repulsive and weak little man who suffers from “TPTB” ego syndrome.

  • lolexplosm

    This box apparently replicates the Earth’s natural magnetic field. You know, the one everything has been constantly exposed to for millions of years?

    All for the bargain price of over £2000. It would be wonderful if this panacea was real but we wouldn’t need homeopathy, reiki, acupuncture, iridology, crystal etc etc.

    Blaming a patient for their cancer on their negative attitude is a seriously dick move.

    • Acleron

      It is a characteristic of all the fraudsters that you mentioned that when the patient fails to get better, it is the fault of the patient. Their claims that they offer gentle, kind, compassionate care is as fraudulent as everything else they say.

  • Well, as is frequently the case, supporters of all sorts of quackery throw around insults and nasty accusations about those who dare question their particular form of unevidenced ‘therapy’, yet fail to provide a jot of good evidence for the claims and accusations, simply leaving so many questions unanswered.