Roll of shame: MPs who back homeopathy fan David Tredinnick for chair of Commons Health Committee

The list of supporters for a man who believes that a full moon can cause internal bleeding.

David Tredinnick is an Old Etonian Tory MP whom I met when he was a mature student at Oxford. He seemed a nice enough chap but we were all astonished when he was elected to Parliament. He struck us as a bear of very little brain.

How unfair to bears that turned out to be. Tredinnick, who – incredibly – sits on the Commons Health Select Committee, believes that astrology works and, according to the Telegraph, that a full moon can cause internal bleeding. And, it goes without saying, he supports the cult of homeopathy, which puts lives at risk with its idiot doctrines.

To quote the world-renowned scientist Lord Winston, ‘Let me say firmly: I think his views are lunatic’.

Now Tredinnick has been nominated as the chair of the Health Committee. And here are the MPs who support him, listed on Parliament’s own website:

Nominated by (own party)

Sir William Cash, Sir Gerald Howarth, Dr Poulter, Crispin Blunt, James Gray, John Howell, James Berry, Robert Neill, Alex Shelbrooke, Daniel Kawczynski, Mr Philip Hollobone, Philip Davies, Glyn Davies, Iain Stewart, Mr Peter Bone

Nominated by (other parties)

Grahame Morris, Hywel Williams, Jim Shannon, Huw Irranca-Davies

I wonder how they would react if, diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, they were offered one of the sugar pills in which Tredinnick places such faith?

  • Sandra Loxley

    My experience of 25 years with homeopathy has shown me absolute trust I have treated my family since babies with croup, the agony for parents to hold screaming babies in pain, one little remedy and asleep in minutes, placebo I don’t think so, I had ecoli from south of France diagnosed by a doctor and treated homeopathically, boys had impetigo from beaches, worms, childhood illnesses, hypericum replacing tetanus injection on a hospital trip I didn’t need anything more that time, painful earache of 8years old and the right remedy asleep soon after.. The way the brain works is not fully understood, placebo we could say that of many things. I’ve had discussions with my 17 year old son on it, eg I’ve told them I’ve given them a travel sickness remedy and had forgotton it, it worked anyway, so trusting was his experience to be repeated… could the same be said for any placebo effect.. Another discussion. The power of thought, the power of the mind, trusting it works..,it just does and will continue to do so regardless of the lack of seeking to understand, to believe in the possibility. A holistic way of health can consider all avenues even medical if necessary and new ways are being discovered all the time, rather than disregard ask … what if?